alcoholicfitblrMy name's Mimi, and I'm hecka rad and hecka fit. I like yoga, lifting, running, and making people smile.

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-Height: 5'7'
-SW:140 lbs.
-CW:132 lbs.
Current Body Fat Percentage: 22%

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I feel like homemade soup is something that everyone should make often. Like, it’s water and vegetables and maybe something like chicken broth or garlic if you’re vegan? And for like 15$ you can make enough to have leftovers every day for 3 weeks? Like. Go do that shit. Healthy and cheap. 

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Just another photo of some yummy fruit that I ate…


Just another photo of some yummy fruit that I ate…

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"Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all people had the spirit of a runner? If they waved to strangers, as a runner waves to other runners? It would be beautiful if all people would pat others on the back after they accomplished something big, just as runners pat each others backs after a hard race. And wouldn’t it be amazing if we were cheered for to keep going when we felt like dying and giving up, just as being cheered for in a race? Oh how wonderful the world would be if we all acted like runners. "

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Is this seriously steamed greens porn

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